Monday News – First 2021 edition

? Support is everythingHappy new year everyone I hope you had a wonderful year and that you are ready for this one! This will be the first edition of Monday News so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get into it.

? News [ (V) Announcement – (X) Rumor ]

• League Regions

– LPL spring will begin on January 9th, 5 pm local time. (V)

– LCK announced their rebranding with a video trailer. (V)

– LEC will start on January, 22 with the same logo/design. (V)

• Teams

– Rogue is doing a rebranding for their organization and will announce it today. (V)

– EDG Scout & Viper ended their quarantine and returned to the team. (V)

– Jungler Kim “MooJin” Moo-jin joins V3 Esports. (V)

– V3 Esports also recruited Kentaro “Awaker” Hanaoka as their Coach for the next split. (V)

– Head Coach “Chaos” & Coach “Chico” left Griffin and now considered as free agents. (V)

– DAMWON Gaming will be known as “DAMWON KIA” following their new sponsorship “Kia”. (V)

– Ad Carry Ghost had extended his contract with DAMWON until 2022. (V)

– Jungler “Svenskeren” and midlaner “Jiizuke” will both stay with Evil Geniuses for 2021. (V)

• LPL 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony (V)

– MVP of the year: SN. SofM- The best team of the year: Top Esports (TES)

– The most progressive team of the year: Suning (SN)- Most liked player: iG TheShy

– Best Coach: SN. Chashao & SN. Dian- Best rookie of the year: SN. Bin

– The most progressive player of the year: SN. Angel- Manager of the year: Guo Hao

– Team of the year ( In each role )

  • * Toplaner : SN. Bin
  • * Jungler : SN. SofM
  • * Midlane : TES. Knight
  • * AD Carry : TES. JackeyLove
  • * Support : JDG. LvMao

• Other News

– Riot Games Kr released penalties for Afreca Freecs coach and jungler GEN.G Flawless due to inappropriate behavior and toxicity with an amount of 800000 krW (~730 US$.) Afreca Freecs already sent an apology letter but Gen.G hasn’t responded yet. (V)

– Park “Shy” Sang-myeon joins Hanwha Life Esports as a streamer. (V)

– Female streamer “Jisoogirl” joins T1. (V)

– NCC & E-SPORTS INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL CENTER BUILDING: This morning EDG team owner celebrated the launch of Shanghai International NCC & E-SPORTS Center. With a phase 1 investment of over 5 billion NDT (~ 17.8 trillion dong), the Shanghai International NCC & E-SPORTS Center has not only brought to a competent matchmaker of 6000 who is the whole complex with the international standard system, entertainment centers, offices, hotels with esports theme. The complex has a scale of up to more than 50 hectares, expected after completion in 2023 to host 300 domestic and international scale matches annually. (V)

• KeSPA Cup 2020

The finals of this KeSPA Cup was between DAMWON Kia and NS RedForce they fought in a best of 5 for the first place. The series was insane but it ended in favor of DAMWON with a score of 3-0. This shows us that they are still strong and ready to fight for the next split and defend their title as Worlds Championship.

₩ 112,000,000 (~ 100k US $.) were spread among the team that participated in the tournament.

1- DAMWON Kia (35.71%): ₩40,000,000

2- NS RedForce (17.86%): ₩20,000,000

3/4 – Hanwha Life/KT Rolster (8.93%): ₩10,000,000

5/6 – Liiv SANDBOX/Gen.G (7.14%): ₩8,000,000

7/8 – T1/DRX (4.46%): ₩5,000,000

9/10 – Afreeca Freecs/Fredit BRION (2.68%): ₩3,000,000

? Thank you.

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