[Monday News – 11/01]

Support is everythingWe have a lot of interesting news to talk about today, so I hope you are all ready for it! I’m thinking of getting back to my old theme where I talk about each region instead of Announcement – Rumor since that now all the splits will start. Anyway, let’s get into our Monday News!

? Global news

• Team Griffin formally announces their League team’s disbandment after going through a rough split and intern problems.

• ESL Gaming announced its first Wild Rift tournament in Thailand and Malaysia. This is really interesting coming up from them and it was expected since it’s related to Riot Games! The open qualifier will begin in April 2021 and will be going for three months. A good start for Wild Rift.

• LCS announces their broadcast staff for the next season, It will be as the following:

– Host: Dash, LeTigress- Shoutcast: Kobe, Captain Flowers, Phreak, Pastrytime, Azael, Raz- Analyst: Emily Rand, Markz- Commentator: Crumbz, Riv, Kien Lam, Primal, Spawn, Hai

  • • Riot Games Kr also welcomes new members who will be on LCK next season like:- Analyst: GorillA, Kuro- Caster (Korean): NoFe- Caster (English): Chronicler, Wolf- Former player “PawN” will leave the analyst desk after one year of taking this position.
  • • LCK announces the start of the official spring 2021 schedule, the first game will be Gen.G vs KT & T1 vs HLE this Wednesday!
  • • We also have some DRX news, Park “Arnold” Dong-Ho joins as a Coach from the academy roster and renames to “dongHo”.
  • • KT Rolster players “GIDEON” & “Rebel” move to substitutes for the organization.- Toplaner “Castle”, Midlaner “Vicla” and Ad Carry “Noah” leave the roster to be part of the academy team.- KT Rolster Coach Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju renames to “Cheonju”
  • • Afreeca Freecs toplaner Shin “Trap” Seung-min leaves for academy roster.- Former Interim Head Coach of Griffin Byun “Chaos” Young-sub joins Afreeca Freecs as an analyst.
  • • Former T1 Academy toplaner Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon joins Gen.G on their main roster for the next split.
  • • A lot of hype is going on between DWG & T1 a statement made previously by DWG Kk0ma saying: ” I believe we are the strongest contender for the championship.” Meanwhile, on the other side T1 Daeny responded: “My goal is to destroy the team I created.” They will be facing each other on 15/1 within the first week of LCK Spring 2021. This is gonna be LIT.
  • • AHQ team says farewell to PCS area and Rogue Warrios will be in LPL next season.
  • • Riot Games announces the host of Worlds 2021 Final in Shenzhen, China.
  • • Rules for shortlisted LCK teams in the new season:- DWG KIA: DK (DAMWON Gaming renamed)- DragonX: DRX- Generation. Gaming: GEN- Afreeca Freecs: AF- T1: T1- kt Rolster: KT- Liiv SANDBOX: LSB (SANDBOX Gaming renamed)- NongShim RedForce: NS (Team Dynamics changes name)- Hanwha Life Esports: HLE- Fredit BRION: BRO (Brion Blades renamed)
  • • The first games of the LPL finished with a great performance from every team, Suning showed us good teamwork and strategy they won against TES with a score of 2-0 knowing that everyone expected them to lose. They are now holding the first position of the LPL Standings. – Edward Gaming (EDG) also played against Oh My God (OMG) and won with a score of 2-1 this was kind of expected which puts them in the second place and OMG 3rd. Same thing for IG, RNG & WE they also won their first games

.? Thank you this is it for today’s Monday News, It’s a bit late but it’s better than not posting them ? You already know my social media so drop a follow if you like my content. I’ll leave you with a quote that says: “Believe in yourself when nobody else does.” I wish you a happy week.

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