Global League Of Legends Leaks And MSI 2021 news.

Global News:

? Rumors & Announcements: (Mostly Rumors)

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  • Fnatic has offered Bwipo & Selfmade to extend their contratcs and both refused.
  • FlyQuest support Dreams is rumoured to be promoted to their main team in the #LCS
  • Former Astralis Midlaner Nukeduck is rumoured to join Excel Esports for the LEC 2021 Summer Split
  • Denyk will be the one to join Excel Esports for the LEC Summer Split
  • Schalke & Riot Games have looked to find a new organization to buy their LEC spot. (Probably the spot will cost between $20m & $30m)
  • G2 Esports will sign @nelson_sng as their new Strategic Coach to reinforce their coaching staff for the 2021 #LEC Summer Split.
  • @AbbedaggeLoL will be leaving us to join @100Thieves for the 2021 LCS Summer Split
  • @Nuclear_int is joining Schalke04 Esports for the #LEC Roster for Summer.

?2021 Mid-Season Invitational

MSI 2021 : programme et récompenses de visionnage

Also before we start talking about the MSI, there is a change for PSG. Due to Unified’s health issues, Doggo was loaned from Beyond Gaming for the entirety of MSI, and also the VCS Champions “GAM Esports” will not be able to participate due to the covid situation.

Qualified Teams
RegionQualified viaPoolDateTeamFinals Result
China LPL Spring Playoffs1April 18⁠Royal Never Give Up3 – 1 ⁠⁠FPX
Europe LEC Spring Playoffs1April 11⁠MAD Lions3 – 2 ⁠⁠RGE
Korea LCK Spring Playoffs1April 10⁠DWG KIA3 – 0 ⁠⁠GEN
 North America LCS Mid-Season Showdown2April 11⁠Cloud93 – 2 ⁠⁠TL
PCS PCS Spring Playoffs2April 18⁠PSG Talon3 – 0 ⁠⁠BYG
CIS LCL Spring Playoffs3April 17⁠Unicorns Of Love3 – 1 ⁠⁠CC
 Latin America LLA Opening Playoffs3April 10⁠Infinity Esports3 – 2 ⁠⁠FG
Turkey TCL Winter Playoffs3April 17⁠İstanbul Wildcats3 – 1 ⁠⁠FB
Brazil CBLOL Split 1 Playoffs4April 18⁠paiN Gaming3 – 1 ⁠⁠VRX
Japan LJL Spring Playoffs4April 11⁠DetonatioN FocusMe3 – 1 ⁠⁠V3
 Oceania LCO Split 1 Playoffs4April 10⁠Pentanet.GG3 – 1 ⁠⁠PCE

Teams will be drawn into three groups based on the seeding below.

  • Group 1 – China (LPL), Vietnam (VCS), CIS (LCL), Oceania (LCO).
  • Group 2 – Europe (LEC), Southeast Asia (PCS), Turkey (TCL), Brazil (CBLOL).
  • Group 3 – Korea (LCK), North America (LCS), LATAM (LLA), Japan (LJL).

For the match schedule things will get interesting, let’s take a look at our first day which will be the 6th of May.

  • DK vs C9
  • INF vs DFM
  • PGG vs RNG
  • PGG vs UOL (Because group A only contains 3 teams)
  • PNG vs IW
  • PSG vs MAD

The MSI, things are getting intense and a lot of people are excited for what’s coming up with this tournament. A lot of fans have high hopes for the Korean team, DAMWON Kia! but some still have faith in Europe and China with their respective teams which are RNG & MAD. Let’s hope for the best and let’s enjoy this tournament and appreciate Riot Games efforts, this will be all for today’s news. It’s not much but keep following me and stay tuned for more interesting stuff.

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